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Education, Training and Theoretical Interests


Professional Training

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Co-Op Training Program (Field Trip Health)

  • Therapsil Provisional Associate (Fundamentals in Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy Training)

  • Grof Legacy Training 

  • Somatic Experiencing 

  • Process Orientated Psychotherapy

  • Emotion-Focused Therapy for Anxiety

  • Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation

  • CBT for PTSD

  • Cognitive Motivational Interviewing

  • Understanding the Unspoken Pain: Vicarious Trauma 

Theoretical Interests

  • Analytic Psychology

  • Carl Jung's Theory of the Unconscious

  • Stanislav Grof

  • Attachment Theory

  • Object Relations Theory

  • Transpersonal Psychology

Education & Theoretical Interests: FAQ
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